Where do I go when I get there?

Here's what you need to know...

What if I forgot what I signed up for or where everything is?

What if I am not coming to campus on Friday, just going to the Friday dinner?

Yikes!  I don't have a car, how am going to get to Friday dinner, hiking, picnic and everything else!

What if I didn't sign up for a specific meal and once I get there I wish I had.

When you arrive, come into the Trianon and there will be a registration table in the Terrace Room.  From about 11-3 there will be someone at registration to welcome you, sign you in, get you a name tag, and a packet of information.  If you arrive after 3 on Friday, the table will still be set up and you can find your nametag and info packet with your name on it.

Have no fear! there will be an itinerary of all events, plus your specific events in the packet of info you will get when you arrive.  In that same packet will be maps to the locations for Friday dinner and hiking, and a ticket for Friday food trucks  (if you signed up for those)

If you want to skip Friday's events and just meet everyone at John Fuller's for dinner, shoot an email to Rebecca ( reyaffe@gmail.com ) or Jen ( jenfjames68@gmail.com ) we will make sure you have the address and you can pick up your info packet  at dinner that night.  We will also be emailing a lot of the information in the packet in advance of the reunion.

We will be putting out a call for volunteers who have cars and would be willing to take people from one place to another.  Also, UBER and LYFT are good easy transportation sources if needed.  Once we have a list of drivers , those will be posted at the registration table so you can find someone to help you.

There will be a VERY limited number of add ons at the time of the reunion.  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend a meal if you didnt sign up and pay in advance, so if you arent sure, be on the safe side and sign up by August 31st!

What if I don't want to go to all those silly planned events and just want to hang out behind Maytag smoking cigarettes with my friends and reliving 1983?

Go for it.  We are not here to cramp your style and dictate what you should do...the reunion is for you!

I have an idea for an event I'd really like to do at the reunion, but didn't think of it before now!

Not sure where you have been for the last 9 months while we were planning, but if you have something you want to plan and get onto the schedule, contact us and we will put it on the list  (we wont help plan it, because we are seriously all planned out..but we will add it to the event list)

Coming to the Reunion?  

What should I bring?  How should I dress?

We know it has been a while since the 80's and if you haven't set foot in Colorado since then you may vaguely remember that the weather can change at any moment.  We do plan to be outside for Friday lunch and dinner,  and Saturday hike and picnic...so bring some warmer layers just in case.  If it pours rain or any other serious weather, we will retreat to Maytag for those events as a bad weather alternative